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so no trains and no crepes and no rings but instead I started walking towards downtown and by the time I got near the BART station it was starting to rain so I went and got on BART and got off downtown and went to the downtown Office Depot which is the smallest Office Depot you will ever ever see and I bought a little plastic folio expanding file thing to carry my class documents in because I got a slightly more bulky one at walgreens the other day thinking it would be a good idea and it was a good idea except that it is too bulky to carry around in my brief case with my books and my computer so I decided I needed a slender plastic model without the fancy fabric cover and magnet closure. I love looking for stuff like this and cannot explain why. I also love looking at paper and journals and picture frames and small organizing devices like tiny drawers and shelves. show me a clever way of utilizing a 1 cubic foot space and I will swoon almost as surely as I swoon over little turnbuckles and pliers.

from there I thought I could walk back up market until I saw an F which magically appeared as soon as I thought of it so I got on the F to the castro thinking maybe I could find some especially gay jewelry there which although I did not I did find some of the most hardcore incense I have ever seen. I got a package of albuquerque cedar and a package of taos pine (the fellow lives in new mexico) and you can still see little pieces of tree needle in the resin on the stick. they smell heavenly just sitting there so I am looking forward to the smell of one burning. I hope they burn moderately and not with great flames of the miniature forest fire they will be.

anyway this place had smelly candles and candleholders too so I picked up some of those and then thought I should go across the store to cliff's and get some suitably industrial-looking "candleholders" so I went over there and picked up some electrical switch box plating that looks like it will hold a few candles off the furniture sufficiently but I don't know where in here I'm actually going to light the candles I keep buying but I seem to have developed an urge for light suddenly so I will rearrange some things and see what can be done to make a safe burning spot given that I will already have to blow everything out every time I go to the bathroom what with the little freak who careens regularly from floor to ceiling.

in a minute I go for my yearly appointment to get blood drawn and told how good I look and asked how I like the testosterone eight years in. I guess except for a suicidal depression and a drug habit I am a success story. even those I've managed to manage. I hope my liver is ok because I don't want to stop taking anything that I'm on although I suppose it isn't necessarily a matter of having to stop but maybe having to adjust. I guess I could adjust. it's just that things are balanced so nearly perfectly now. life is about change I realize but the good parts need to last at least as long as the bad parts.

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