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one step forward

my doctor got called away on an emergency so I had to reschedule but because I needed a testosterone refill we drew blood and I will come in to get the results next week and a new rx. the blood draw took an hour and a half or rather sitting and waiting took an hour and a half while the blood draw itself took about five minutes because I have awful veins so he used a tiny tiny needle and that caused the blood to drip verrry slowwwly into the tubes. good thing I am not the fainting sort. my arm turned blue because the tourniquet was on so long. at one point he went over to help the other phlebotomist while we waited for a tube to fill. I'm like "not yet" and he's like "ok let me know."

I came home and had a bowl of cereal for dinner. I filled the bowl a little too full and am now feeling a little ill. I have to stop doing that. I haven't yet gotten the message that my appetite has decreased in my old age.

it is bedtime. I shifted getting up time to 5:30 but tonight I think I'll set the 6:30 alarm. got to get at least ten hours you see.

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