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well that incense is something else. one stick burns for an hour and a half and it is very hard to get going. you have to light it and let it burn like a little torch, complete with belching black smoke, for several seconds before you blow it out or otherwise the tip doesn't become the glowing coal necessary for continued smoldering. the scent is intense and I don't know if I can use this more than once every other day or so. when I came home the whole house still smelled like cedar. I mean there are worse things but I don't want to drive the housemate crazy with perfumed air. I think this stuff was meant to be used in warehouses or factories.

I sat this evening and foolishly relit the stick from this morning and the cats beat it out of here within five minutes so I don't know how well this will go with the feline meditation aids I have been relying upon.

it's almost too late to go to bed and get up at 5:30. I guess if I ran and brushed my teeth right now and jumped in bed but I'm feeling the need for unwind time and the meditation didn't do exactly what I needed.

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