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there's a goodly number of people gathered at the park three blocks away and there are helicopters and light planes flying round and round overhead and although I did stroll through the crowd to get a feel for how big and how angry I decided to come home rather than march with them. this I think is due not only to my forgetting to smear sunscreen on my scalp before going to zazen (who after all needs sunscreen in a basement zendo?) also to my general feeling of futility when it comes to political demonstrations in san francisco.

I mean who here needs convincing? I think all these nice people should have taken a plane to DC and been in that march there and I even would have considered it myself had I not been teaching and needing this weekend to prepare for that. at least the dickheads in the white house might notice a couple million people on the lawn. here city hall pretty much joins in with whatever we're doing and our outrage just floats out on the air towards no target in particular.

I mean maybe this march will generate some media attention since the hacks have finally noticed that the administration is criminal and the people of the nation are beginning to suspect that bush doesn't have the slightest clue what he is doing other than playing war and protecting his rich friends so maybe there would be some use in going but I just don't know. it's only three blocks away so I could go on back over there.

on the other hand there is work to be done here. nothing I couldn't put off I suppose but I'll feel better tomorrow if I have certain things taken care of today like their paper assignment and whatever introductory blurb I want to give for the coming Rimbaud/van Gogh week.

teaching mondays is nice for the rest of the week but it's hell on the weekends.

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