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to sit or not to sit

the zen center is having a 2-day retreat at the end of next week and I'm trying to decide if I should go or rather whether I want to go. I need to find out the exact schedule for on the one hand some marathon sitting might help me to work out some of the kinks in my technique that currently have at least one leg falling asleep nine times out of ten when I am not sitting on my ultrasoft cushion at home but on the other hand it might also turn out to be really painful depending upon just how many periods of zazen they are asking us to do every day.

the nice thing would be that I'd also have a chance to talk to a practice leader and possibly clear up some of my misgivings about the overall philosophy at the zen center as well as get some ideas as to whether the physical part of sitting need be such an obstacle for me or if I should give it up and start meditating in a chair.

I also wonder though if maybe what I really ought to do is sew a little black cover for my extrasoft cushion at home and just disguise it as a miniature homemade zafu and start taking it with me. I saw a guy there yesterday with the tallest most cylindrical zafu I've yet seen. I guess at some point you just take things into your own hands. but if you buy them readymade they do cost a bit especially since in taking this plunge into zen I am landing myself squarely in upper-middle-class new age culture.

some time I'll talk about how I feel about that.

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