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october looms and so does summer in san francisco. 85F in the mission today and tomorrow looks quite similar. a week ago it was so chilly I thought we had escaped summer and actually gone right into fall with the rest of the northern hemisphere but no.

I sit here in underwear and sandals. if some things were a little different I'd be in just the sandals. my window faces west and the buildings in front of it aren't tall enough to block out the sun before about 6pm so all afternoon it pours in through the broken slats that santiago has pulled out of his way so that he can walk on the window sills. I'd get new blinds but I can't imagine he'd leave those alone. I wonder sometimes what the neighbors think when they see these dilapidated blinds barely hanging onto my window.

I did figure out where to find my paycheck so rent is in the bag this month. I've found a lightweight machine stand that I think I will order for my table needs. it is the perfect size and shape and will hold 2000 pounds but weighs less than those pressboard shelving kits you can get at Ikea and other places. the internet is a wonderful thing. why get normal furniture when you can outfit your room like a warehouse.

I guess in some sense I never moved out.

I had a million things to do today and I did most of them but pooped out before getting to the last couple of things. soon I will go to bed so I can get up at 5:30 and try again. I don't know what is happening to me.

I just found out that zippo lighters are not such great candle-lighting devices. guess I will go get one of those long stick lighter things. now I have a nice zippo. I guess I will take it camping with me and see how it does at lighting emergency fires should I ever need one. or maybe I'll just carry it around and be able to say why yes! when someone asks me for a light. fire in the pocket appeals to me somehow. several candles are quietly burning in my room as I thought I should take advantage of santiago's nap. I am a little concerned about how candles will do when he's awake.

I looked back at this thing I wrote after walking home from sunday afternoon beer very very slowly, thinking about what to write, and decided I liked it and it may go in the autobiography with everything else or it may just exist always on its own but I'm going to be reading it in October at an event remembering the anniversary of the atom bomb so I'm not posting it until after its unveiling. I did not get it finished in time to be included in the anthology but what are you going to do. at least I will be able to have something to say.

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