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write write write. I will never finish. this thing will be a thousand pages long but will not ever see an end.

sitting here trying not to fall asleep I suddenly remember: the testosterone you picked up yesterday? you need to stick some in your thigh.

that would help tremendously or that is tomorrow it will have helped. today I've got to stay conscious by sheer will. if I did not set an alarm every morning I could easily sleep 14 hours when the hormones are running out.

crud. time is going by way too quickly. once again I think about the years I sat still staring into space. sometimes I'd like some of that indifference just so I didn't always feel like I was spinning round in little circles trying to get one or two things done every day. back then I didn't expect much more than to be able to brush my teeth.

ok little cat. you have to move now so I can stick myself. I think I'm having hot flashes.

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