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it's darned near 90F in the mission and my attention span has shrunk to nanoseconds. I have a car in a few minutes to go look for window coverings that can roll up out of santiago's way most of the time but down when the sun is pounding on my windows as it is right now. I'm not sure where to go besides bed bath and beyond. I wonder if the container store has window stuff. you know. to contain the window.

the cars have a/c. :)

I did a meme and then deleted it as it was making me out to be dull.

then I made a post and deleted it because I couldn't be bothered to choose a picture or a mood.

one might wonder what I am doing in my lj client at all but I just wanted to complain about the heat and waste the few minutes left until car appointment time. I'm wondering if I should drive in my current attention-less state but I think I can gather myself together enough to avoid getting run over. the cars are also small.

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