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let there be no light

damn. my red party bulb has blown out leaving me with only the blue. guess I have some more shopping to do.

it is still quite hot. I would open my window wide but I am afraid of my window after the finger-smashing incident last year. it would kill a cat if it fell and I'm not exaggerating. I have a little two-inch wide piece of wood that holds it open just those two inches and that's about all I will trust it with. unlike every other window in the house the casement has not shrunk up to the point that the window sticks open--this was how I came to nonchalantly be leaving my finger under it while it was up.

it is my go-to-bed-relatively-late night because I go get my drugs in the morning and the pharmacy does not open till 8:30 and I don't get much done before I've had my drugs as they have sort of become my super coffee so there isn't a great deal of point to getting up early. that and the longer I wait the more cool air might have filtered in through that two-inch opening.

it is sometimes difficult to convince the cats to join me upstairs when it is this warm. without sweat glands the fan does them no good and in fact irritates them. even though they are normally heat-seeking missiles this much heat is more than they really want to go after.

I should build a frame out of two-by-fours and stretch screening across it and nail it in under my window until november when it will suddenly drop 40 degrees in temperature and start raining.

it was so hot today I forgot to eat. I had a milkshake at 2 and that's all. I mean I ate some before that but nothing since and I feel no hunger pangs. but man was that milkshake good. what a great idea that was. if it doesn't cool off tomorrow I know what tomorrow's dinner will be.

you know the reason I never sleep without an alarm anymore is because I got fed up with the dreaming you are waking up but not really dreams that occur every single time I try to sleep in. too much stress in the morning. am I awake?? would I be asking this question if I were?? am I really going to get to pee now or must I hold it through another cycle of trying to wake up??

I hate that shit.

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