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it is just past 10am and I am already bathed in sweat. I walked on the shady side of the street the whole mile and a half back home but to no avail. as they used to say on the radio down south every single day from May through September: looks like it's gonna be another hot one!

at least here that does not get quite so repetitious. those of you wondering about the bay area weather pattern, I don't have a scientific explanation but when I first moved here I read that the hottest days of the year occur in october and I thought "no way" but my first october had days over 100F so I learned not to be quite so skeptical. it's true: during the actual summer, the sea breeze and the fog keep us by the coast quite cool to almost chilly nearly every day. on the off chance that the prevailing winds shift before early fall, we will get a day as hot as inland CA in the summer but it doesn't happen often.

in late september and october the wind shifts for a good long time so that it is blowing from the dry hot interior out to sea. at least that is my explanation for the odd october summer in san francisco. I don't know what the meteorologists say but I'm sure it's google-able but I don't have time to do that kind of research right now. really I'm not sure where the hot air comes from as the only places still hot in october are the southwestern deserts. take a look at this temperature map and see how the heat is crawling up the west coast. it does this every year at this time.

ok I've stopped sweating now. to work.

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