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I'm melting I'm melting!!

worst time and place to take a walk in the bay area: anywhere the fog is starting to lift and the sun is coming out to warm things up. 100% humidity is only bearable below 50F. I had to return van gogh to the library this morning--overnight loan--so I had no choice but to stroll through campus at 10:30, trying to stay in the shade because the sunny spots felt uncomfortably like the deep south.

my shirt is soaked. the other day I bought a small packtowel at rei thinking it would be the best thing for wiping my brow on occasions like this. it worked great and is now also saturated. I removed my shirt and am sitting here in dwinelle half naked but it's saturday so I don't expect anyone to come into this particular room.

another annoying feature of this jaunt is that it is homecoming weekend so the place is crawling with boosters and alumni. I mean I guess they aren't that insufferable but they do make it a little crowded.

in a minute I have to figure out how to articulate just why I keep chosing Rimbaud and van Gogh as exemplary artists. I'm not certain I know exactly but must be able to at least hint at it on monday.

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