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I am freshly balded. I was going to let my hair grow a little but I decided I liked the bald look better than the bristle brush growing out look and I did not have the patience to wait till my hair was of sufficient length that hair goop could persuade it to sit down. I don't know now if I'll ever have the patience for that but who knows I could get tired of mr clean.

it's really difficult getting every. single. hair. when you are using flat clippers against a round head. I had to go over and over the same spot several times so that by the time I was done the clippers were almost too hot to hold. I think I might need to check the brushes to make sure I still have some. I don't know that clippers should get that hot if everything is in working order. I oiled the blades but that didn't seem to moderate the heat.

and my right wrist hurts from the repetitive stress. I guess maybe I should stop typing and go to bed. of course with the new haircut I want to go out dancing or rather I'd like to send out my avatar so that I can rest here.

with summer in full swing I'm going to have to remember the sunscreen now. of course october sun is not as intense as july sun and I don't guess heat makes you any more likely to sunburn but still. there is no protecting fog.

yeah I'm sleepy now.

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