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I can't say I'm happy it's sunday. I can't even say that it is better than being monday because really once monday morning rolls around there's nothing I can do but go and talk and that is so final and yet fleeting--once it's over it's blessedly over and that only takes a little more than an hour--that I simply lay my fate down upon the preparation I've already done, realizing that one can never do enough but one almost always still does way too much.

Today I have to somehow get Rimbaud into the equation but even though in many ways he is opposite to van Gogh in temperament and theory they ended up doing very similar things which is one interesting part but the really interesting part has to do with how they both address the question of representation at a time when abstract art had not yet come to be or was just beginning to think about itself.

but the other interesting thing is how I'm going to explain their work in light of Nietzsche's suggestion that we ditch both sides of the metaphysical dichotomy of real vs representation.

excuse me while I write my outline.

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