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toothpick please

I am waiting to hear from housemate Sandy as to her ETA at the bar where she and some other people are celebrating her birthday which is tomorrow. I told her if they got there early I'd join for a short time but of course I'm sitting here just about ready to turn in. those of you who know Sandy know that when she says 6:30 she might actually mean 10:30 but if I haven't heard from her by 8 I will just go to bed. if I can stay awake that long.

I should make coffee. for tomorrow. the newish coffee maker has no timer. :/

one way to get the phone to ring might be to start meditating. yes. that is a good idea.

incidentally I'm thinking of getting rid of the stinkypoo candle. I thought it would fade after being unwrapped for awhile but it just overwhelms everything else even the "resin on a stick" cedar torches incense I bought the other day. burning it doesn't really bring out the smell that much so I guess I could just light it now and let it burn for two days till it was gone. except that would mean leaving a candle burning unattended and after awakening in a burning house I won't do anything at all that might even remotely cause a fire. I mean it is difficult enough for me to talk myself into using electricity.

doesn't it seem especially foolhardy that we wire our highly flammable homes with conduits that are likely to catch fire? I think so, but still I use the outlets.

and I bought a lighter and filled it with fluid but I am careful to keep it out of the sun.

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