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I now have a table that will piss off anyone who helps me move in the future. well it's not as heavy as the oil can but it has sharp little edges facing downwards. I guess carrying it upsidedown might be the way to go about it. or taking it apart but putting it together is hard on the back just bending over to tighten all the bolts.

I need some sort of drape for it. I'm thinking chain mail. the fellow that made my wallet chains does a great job but is it just too dorky geeky gothy ren fairish to have chain mail on your table? it's just that cloth is not industrial-looking enough for me and I can't think of any other way to get metal to drape.

I suppose some really rough cloth like burlap or something might do. I guess I'm making an altar of sorts but I don't want it to be all fluttery and dreamcatcher sweet. the pillar candles go in electrical boxes and I found a tealight multi-candle holder made of heavy gage wire.

maybe some other sort of wire mesh. wonder what the internet has to offer.

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