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I really want to be done with this. I so passionately want to be done with this that I managed to resist calling a day off today. I've only taken one day off per week for the last three weeks and I have to say I am not happy with the way it makes time go by lickety split but it does enable me to get a lot done, especially when I get up at 5:30 every time I can talk myself into it. today I did not succeed but reset the alarm for 6:30. which is still nothing to sneeze at considering how I used to live my life.

this is a break I'm taking. does it count as a break if you just sit and type more?

I received a new meditation cushion yesterday. I know it might seem excessive to be buying special cushions made for meditating but I want one that I can take with me to the zendo so that I can sit on something I am used to instead of some random cushion there. it is driving me nuts the way my legs fall asleep on their cushions and I am tired of being the squirmy one in the zendo.

but so this new cushion is unconventional in shape and is supposed to keep your legs from falling asleep. I tried it this morning and instead of the usual, my legs fell asleep in a completely different way! the tops of my feet went first and it traveled up my shins. very strange. I took some of the stuffing out as I suspect the problem is that it was sitting me up too high and placing a lot of pressure on the fronts of my legs. will see how it works tonight and tomorrow. they take returns for any reason but the item must be in new condition and mine is already covered in cat hair. I mean that's removable but it's a pain in the ass to get completely off.

ok back to work. I've written five paragraphs today. I've been writing a lot per sitting which is good as I only get to work on this 2-3x per week. last weekend I thought of a way to write the very first paragraph and I haven't even gotten around to sticking it on there yet. too much to do!

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