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ethnic gourmet phad thai with tofu, frozen dinner. it may be that one simply shouldn't freeze tofu or it may be that a good peanut sauce must tread a fine line between nutty and sweet and this one decided it would be safer to try to appeal to the masses with too much sweet but the real question is why do I pay $4 for a frozen entree when I can get phad thai freshly made down the street for not much more and I guess the answer has to do with not only not wanting to leave the house but not wanting to deal with people beyond giving my money to the grocery store clerk which I have to every now and again for cereal and coffee anyway so I tend to stock up on other foods as well.

this is the thing about no longer wanting a burrito every single night. I have yet to find a reliable replacement meal although from time to time a sandwich is ok and from time to time a couple slices of pizza are ok but nothing is filling the dinnertime void nearly as well as burritos once did. I don't know quite what to do. I suppose I could try to get a rotation going that includes the pizza but I haven't stumbled upon any locally made dish that warrants a regular place so I find myself almost every night having to decide where to go for dinner and these frozen dinners have been an attempt not to have to do that every single night. so far the only one I really like is a southwestern chili and cornbread unit that tastes very very good but costs $5 for 210 calories. wtf kind of dinner is that. I have to eat two of them unless it is an exceptionally low appetite night.

see the phad thai weighed in at 430 calories for $4 so I thought it wasn't such a bad deal. but I think I put about 75 of them in the compost. I think I might have to have a cookie soon.

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