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umpf. I just spent two hours diagraming chapter three of Logic of Sense and I finally see now how things go round in little circles and I wonder if Deleuze made this all up in his head or if he drew himself pictures as well. if the former then the man was way smarter than I'll ever be. not that the resulting ideas are all that stunning but if you could keep a diagram this complicated in your mind's eye while you were writing you'd have to have a number of discrete memory addresses that you could access at once time--a number more than most of us have, I'd think.

anyway here is the picture and now I have to describe it in words so that my dissertation will have made sense of what Deleuze said. this I suppose is the effort of translation.

circle of the proposition

incidentally Omnigraffle makes making these things fairly effortless. if I'd used paper and pencil I'd have had to erase and redraw enough times that there'd be holes in the paper and I'd have had to tape on extensions.

now I could spend the afternoon making pretty colors to go with the arrows and boxes or I could take a walk and look at inexpensive objects as I cannot afford any expensive ones.

I'm still dismayed it's friday. I might have a beer just to deny that I have work to do.

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