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dinner party and drinks in the tenderloin. so different from burritos and beer in my room. and yet the result is the same but yet not the same in that i sit here now waiting for the point to pass where i can safely go to bed without awakening in an hour or two thirsty and heart pounding but just prior to this unlike many nights waiting for the point to pass i was party to a certain laying on the line of several voices and so have much to think about that i may not have had i sat with only the voices in my head in my room.

we found a funky little bar that i am not sure i could locate again but everything on the jukebox was from 1984 which made me feel young and old. i don't know if i am young or old. i don't know how i should feel i only suspect that this apprenticeship could go on until i am 75 or so. which would be okay i guess so long as it brought in cash.

because all one needs is cash. that is the long and short of it no matter what your opinions on cash might be and in fact there may have been times when we served a less harsh master but this is the way it is now. who is going to feed you if you don't have cash. where are you going to live.

when only 1000 people comprised the world of people it was easy to change the world of people. it is not so any more. one is growing ever more specklike.

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