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yeah this getting up early to do work on the day I am reading poetry with increasingly impressively named poets (I know some of the names but people keep telling me I'm hitting in the big leagues today which I didn't quite realize until Just Now) really was a wash. I tweaked the excerpt for a couple of hours this morning and then came on over to berkeley thinking I'd finish up the Saussure part of my lecture but nothing doing. I can't think in a straight line from one end of a sentence to the other. you know that feeling like when the house music stops you will suddenly have forgotten all the chords?

I'd take a klonopin but I don't want to sleep through the other readers and I don't particularly want to have to put up with klonopin visions when I meditate this evening so I will resist the urge to medicate the nerves. it's always kind of nice to ride the adrenaline afterwards anyway although the whole deal is 2-1/2 hours long and I imagine I am reading close to first so I might be feeling a little drowsy by the end anyway. there is a break and I'm bringing coffee. I'd like to make it through to the reception following just so I can stand around and feel completely outstripped.

the thought occurs that no food may be allowed in the theater. lord I should have brought my chocolate espresso beans. not that they aren't food, but they can be hidden in the bag without getting everything wet.

in a few minutes I will put my shirts back on and go over there. I took all my shirts off to let the sweat dry as I usually do when I'm fairly certain no one else will be in the office. my jacket, shirt, tshirt and brow-wiping rag are draped all over the furniture in here. a couple of cats and I'd be right at home.

time to go.

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