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Agamben writes of study that it is always getting sidetracked and distracted from its goal of mastery and I've been trying to get this lecture on Saussure and Lacan together and so far I've had to read several short linguistics pieces online, two extra chapters of Saussure, a short critical excursis on Derrida and half a Derrida essay and now I am starving and unable to think.

will sleep on it and something will magically coalesce in the morning. thing is I'm once again way way way overprepared but the trick is to distill the swallowable essence for those unaccustomed to sitting at one's desk like this for hours.

this is very wearing. I have to come up with a better method but because it is very wearing it is difficult to play around with because I resist doing it until I must do it and by that time it is too late to play around with different things because if I go down a blind alley there's no time to go back to find the one that leads out.

I want an egg in a crepe. I know where I could get one too.

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