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well the advent of the clock radio has ceased to be miraculous. my body has figured out that if I just go back to sleep when it first wakes me up, I can actually listen to the radio in my sleep for hours without waking up enough to get out of bed.

I think I will go to sleep early tonight and try again tomorrow, seeing if I set two alarms--my clock allows you to do so--or turn up the volume if I can't convince myself to arise before 9am. now that I am a farmer, it seems like the day is half over if I don't get up till 9.

the paper grading is going along steadily. interestingly the art institute students as a rule write just as well as berkeley students. I guess that's not too surprising since it does take a certain sensitivity and intelligence to be an artist and get into art school, but really I still am sometimes aghast at the writers that make it into berkeley. I told my students at the beginning of the semester that my berkeley students thought I graded tough, but what I didn't tell them was that to a berkeley student, a B- is a failing grade. I don't know if art students are quite as jealous of their GPAs, or if they are worried about their grades in non-studio classes, so we'll see what they think. so far the carnage is quite negligible.

sandy is out of town till saturday. suddenly the livingroom is full of my art projects, of which I have several going at once either for real or in my imagination. this sheet of metal thing I was working on about five years ago and then put away is back out and I'm working on it some more--scratching lines in it and poking holes through it with an awl which is easier than it used to be not because my awl is any sharper but because I am stronger I think. last night at the clinic I weighed in at 170 but everyone says I look like I've lost weight and I have to agree. I think there must be some muscle-making going on in here. either that or all the fat on my face dropped down to my belly. I can't really tell if it is bigger or smaller but I am able to wear 33-waist jeans which I haven't done for some years. stuff shifts around so it is hard to tell what exactly is going on. I have less and less ass as the years go by and all my belts are on the tightest notch. good thing I have an awl.

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