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come on come on lalalalalala

while it is more efficient to blast inane pop music as an alarm you do risk having really trite lyrics and melodies going through your head all day.

I shouldn't be sleepy but I am. I was in bed for 9-1/2 hours and dead asleep for at least 9 hours and fifteen minutes. I fell asleep immediately upon lying down at 9pm and did not wake up to pee until 3. Santiago didn't want me to get up then but I knew if I went back to sleep without going I would spend the rest of the morning looking for restrooms with real toilets in them or stalls with doors or even large open toilet rooms with only a few people sitting around.

and anyway he came right back to bed when I squeaked at him my come here squeak. he likes to lie right next to me with his head on my chest and his front paws stretched across me. it is very relaxing to have a cat relax all over you. who else could give such good sleeping lessons.

meanwhile Jackson has taken up the habit of walking back and forth over my keyboard. it's really annoying. he'll sit on one side of the computer, decide he wants to sit on the other side, sit over there for a little while and then figure the first side was better so he goes back until the other side starts to look good again and he has to walk across the keys one more time.

at some point I shoo him away. I always feel guilty for shooing Jackson away as he's such a shy boy but sometimes even he can be irritating.

I can't think of a single interesting thing to relate so I guess I will go do some work.

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