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some sort of reggae was on when the alarm went off this morning and I managed to sleep for about three minutes while it was playing but it woke me up again pretty quickly and I said to myself quick get up.

the good thing about reggae is that it never sticks in my head because I don't really know the cliches as well as I do anglo pop's so there aren't a whole lot of references upon which to hang the riffs. all I know is that it let me fall back asleep for a few minutes which can be dangerous. maybe I need to find a more jarring station. this one has turned out to be middle-of-the-road adult pop which equals zzzzzzz. I don't know the stations in san francisco and every time I try to figure them out I get lost on the dial. I can never find a single website with a list of all the stations and their approximate genres so I have to surf around to individual station's sites and I rarely get past about 91.5 because most of the indy stations haunt the low end of the dial.

not that there are any indy stations worth listening to that you can actually pick up. there is nothing like KEXP here; just a few tiny college stations that play "eclectic" mixes so that you are just as likely to hear brazilian pop as anything else and "world" music has never done it for me as it just makes me think of self-satisfied white people who consume other cultures thinking that they are respecting them by turning them into commodities.

today I don't have a great number of things to do but I should think about what to do in the second half of class and I suppose I should read the Lacan one last time to see what occurs to me on the fifth go-round but sometimes too much familiarity with a text can result in an uncompelling presentation: yeah it says blah blah. questions?

I should look over their response papers is what I should do. no rest for the weary.

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