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oil change

every day at the end of the day I map out where all I walked that day and add up the miles to see how far I went. the only time I don't do this is when I don't walk beyond the area bounded by guerrero, 24th, van ness and 16th. because I know it's a mile from 16th to 24th and the blocks to each side are also easily calculated as four blocks equals half a mile in my neighborhood because we have these big ass blocks here. I also don't do it if I walk somewhere I already know the mileage to, like the main library (1.3 miles) or the zen center (1.2) or rainbow grocery (1). if I were truly eccentric I would be noting down my mileage in a little notebook but don't think I haven't considered it. writing it in a text file wouldn't be as satisfying so I have not given that much thought.

I suppose a really proustian thing to do would be to write down each walk and whatever remarkable thing might have occurred. tonight for instance at 6th and Folsom we heard a sharp, loud bang and the neighborhood being what it is we on the street looked at each other warily like was that a gunshot and then this big old truck comes on down the street backfiring dramatically every few feet and at once we all mutter whew. it was actually audible, the whew.

after that the walk was noneventful. I went 2.8 miles this evening in the non daylight savings dark through areas I would have been afraid to walk through after dark as a woman. this still annoys me but there isn't a lot I can do about it. I mean I could talk myself into being more nervous I guess but it doesn't seem likely to work.

tomorrow I must do work speaking of work. I did fifteen minutes of work today and then I worked on arty projects the rest of the day. it was fun and I spilled paint on the floor. acrylic cleans up with water fortunately.


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Nov. 2nd, 2005 11:24 am (UTC)
i ought to start walking like that. my metabolism needs it! 2.8 miles is a nice, long walk. glad the loud bang was just a truck. yikes.
Nov. 2nd, 2005 06:02 pm (UTC)
"areas I would have been afraid to walk through after dark as a woman"
It's gratifying to hear you say that. Intellectually, politically, I like it when people speak critically about gentrification, about how the bourgeoisie demand more & more policing, --but for myself, I live in a fairly high-rent, bourgeois, "nice" neighborhood. And that's the reason; I don't want to live somewhere that has major stretches of no-woman's-land between me & public transportation or between me & wherever I want to go at night.

It's just gratifying to hear someone (you) verify from experience that yes, there's a difference in how men & women navigate spaces.
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