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I wrote a little. not gobs but a little and it was organizational puttering which is what I need most now that I've broken 90 pages without so much as a section heading to help break it up. I've hardly mentioned Levinas. he's next after I explain the inevitability of sense as the paradoxical precondition and effect of speech and then segue into how the approach of the other is the primordial sensical event and then we'll be off on a little Levinas jaunt and start to talk about ethics in a less well-I'm-going-to-talk-about-ethics-soon sort of way. then what was going to be chapter two but will probably be excursis number 12 will be done and I can move on to metonymy and Stein which ironically should take fewer pages even though I will be writing about her thousand-page book.

now to round out the day I should do some teaching related stuff or some of the other paid work related stuff but I did a little of that already this week and I'm not supposed to do more than 10 hours a week but some weeks I do very little.

I promised my students a handout and I should get that scanned in and emailed or posted for them to retrieve. it's about writing transitions and their papers are due saturday so it would be kind of me to do that next I guess.

then I get to play. I don't know yet what I will do.

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