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let's see. I need to:
scan in pdf's for reading group
email a few people about a few things
grade papers
find copy of "Not I" on dvd or vhs
call bankruptcy lawyer
pick up package at ups
stay mentally afloat
do at least one fun thing.

first I need to shower but I'd like to shave my head first first but I like to do that only in my underwear so that the hair doesn't get all over whatever else I'm wearing but sandy has not left yet and so I'm not comfortable standing around in my underwear. I suppose I could leave my jammies on and just throw them in the laundry I swear I'm going to do any day now which reminds me I might want to go to rei and buy just two more pair of socks.

I should give away all my "second string" socks. do people wear used socks? I suppose if I put them out on the sidewalk with that suitcase of clothes that's been sitting at the head of the stairs for a year and a half they would probably find new owners of one kind or another. the pigeons might find them suitable nesting material.

hair. shower. then I'll see.

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