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patti was just about as awesome as ever, fucking up and being goofy and singing as hard as she possibly could. it was her and lenny kaye for about half the set, then they were joined by her daughter jessie on keyboard and a crew member whose name did not stick on its way through my brain on bass. they did mostly old stuff this time which is unusual. I don't think they did anything off of Gung Ho and only a few tracks off the other three "post" albums. there are three, right?

at some point I was so tired that I was listening with my eyes closed and having a difficult time remaining upright. I would swaaaaay one way and then swaaaaaaay back like that person who is trying not to fall asleep on your shoulder on the bus. but I was paying attention the whole time.

she told us not to stop going after bush and co until "their tainted blood" flowed freely. kinda mean for someone who sings a song about gandhi but I guess we are all rather angry these days.

there were characters in the audience as usual and I will perhaps describe them in more detail in the morning as I've been up since 5am. but there were: the two straight guys who were strangers to each other bonding over pot and patti, one of them warning the other that he's really touchy and likes to touch people in conversation and he hoped that was ok and I thought about saying hey you can touch me all you want; three gay men at least one of whom had had waaaay too much crystal meth and was talking at the top of his lungs about god knows what; the rock historians who narrated to everyone around them which song this was and which album it came from and there were the old fucks who told everyone about how they were at cbgb's back in the day. lisagail probably met a lot of these losers.

once again the rock concert as ethnography suggests itself as a possibility. but not tonight. I'm hallucinating dream images and I haven't even closed my eyes yet.

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