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taking care of business

I am now the proud owner of a vinyl rubbermaid chair pad. it feels so professional in here now. actually I was growing very tired of splinters in my feet and especially the little ones getting caught on my socks without my realizing it until they worked their way through the knit to prick my feet later in the day causing me to remove my boot and go feeling around for some little tiny sliver of wood.

it stinks, like all new vinyl stinks.

today I did a little painting and I think in a minute I'm going to do a little more but I don't know whether to do it in the living room with the dim lights or in my room with the bright lights but without any large horizontal surfaces. when I draw in my room I prop my drawing board up with one edge on my desk and the other in my lap but while painting this would not work well as the runoff would all run into my lap dying my jeans and underwear pretty colors admittedly but they are already pretty colors and don't need the help.

I could move my chair over and squat down on the vinyl chair mat but painting on the floor is something that hasn't really been comfortable for me since I was about 4.

I suppose it might be time to call the landlord about the non-functioning overhead light in the livingroom. we hate to call the landlord. I hate it of course because it involves the phone. I don't know why Sandy hates it but I know she does because she won't do it either. I should say something next time I drop off the rent I suppose. one problem will be talking them into spending the money on a real electrician.

while out buying vinyl chair mats I bought a pint of Lagunitas Cappuccino Stout which is the first coffee-brewed beer I've found since Red Hook used to make its Double-Black Stout. it says "Limited Edition" on the label which is too bad because coffee beer rocks and should always be available in some form.

perhaps I should take up beer brewing. it's not like I have anything else to do.

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