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laundry is sorted and in three separate bags because, well, it's been like six weeks. people ask me doesn't the smell add up and I have to say that no it really doesn't. I guess it is one thing to own six weeks' worth of underwear and socks but something else again to sit around with six weeks' worth of dirty underwear and socks but even on T I still smell like an angel. can't explain it.

tomorrow I will get up as early as I can talk myself into getting up, slam a cup of coffee, stick my pills under my tongue, and head off to the laundromat. I hate doing laundry so much and I'm hoping doing it before the day even gets going good will make me feel less like my time has been stolen from me and doing it in the glow of first coffee might even make it fun for at least a minute and doing it before the rest of the neighborhood gets there could be relatively pleasant insofar as there will be no jostling with the ladies who can get downright rude when they think they've spotted "their" dryer.

not that the men don't do the same sort of jockeying but I'm telling you it's the women who have to do their family's laundry every week and they are evidently quite bitter about it. I'm thinking maybe we should set up a family sock fund for them so they can do their laundry every two weeks.

men on the other hand usually have like one pair of jeans and two pair of briefs and they don't know enough to separate the jeans from the underwear so they throw it all into whichever machine will accomodate the whole load.

and then there's me with my metric ton of socks and a different outfit for every day of those six weeks. ok I exaggerate but my clotheshorsery is beginning to weigh on my ability to schlep it all to the laundromat. right now I have my underwear in the net bag I've had since lisagail and I bought that fancy laundry bag rack at the black and white store, my jeans in my backpack, and all my shirts in my duffel bag and they are all full. I don't even bother with the cart anymore. I just strap each bag to a different part of my body and walk down the street trying not to tip over. it's the manly way.

will post a report about all that goes on while I am there. usually I win about one-third of the games of solitaire I play on my ipod and I get to take a break from the atmosphere of the laundromat long enough to run home all my wet silks and cottons to hang them to dry. the question then is how much stuff to leave sitting in the laundromat while I come back here. I'm not sure if I am more or less likely to get my backpack ripped off if it is less crowded than usual.

tomorrow to think about that. nighty night.

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