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I'm up. it's about time to go to the laundromat with all my dirty socks and get started. when I am done with that it will be time to grade papers and after that I should do some reading and after that well I think that will be about all.

there is not enough time and there keeps being less and less of it.

when I got up this morning my left eye felt like it had a tiny glass shard in it so I teared and tried to carefully work whatever it was to the corner where I could pick it out of my eye and kept trying and kept trying and it kept hurting and the tears were streaming down my face when suddenly it got better.

I don't have a clue what it was. my eye is a little sore now. maybe some artificial tears are in order. I wonder if I should put some antibiotic ointment in there. it still feels scratchy but not like there is something actually poking it like before.

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