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laundry is done. it seriously takes three hours including hanging up the wet shirts that don't go in the dryer and pairing all 42 or however many pairs of socks. as I was pairing and folding I had a thought and looked in the outside pocket of my duffel bag to see if I had remembered to empty it and no there were two unlaundered shirts in there. fsck. if they weren't two of my favorite shirts that I wear all the danged time I would not be so unhappy but they are and so will either be the subject of a handwashing or special one-load trip to the laundromat soon. I'm sure that one load of shirts would not take three hours.

but so this is why I got up early to do it. I suppose if I did laundry more often and had only two weeks' worth of socks it wouldn't take so long but I don't know how much difference the folding actually would make. the dryers would still take almost an hour to get my sweats dry.

now I have more things to do although I am pondering not doing them just because I haven't had two days off in a little while. well at least two weeks. that is, last week I only took one day off so this week I want two but I don't know if I can afford it. I have papers to grade and I have to get my 90 or so pages ready to turn in to Judith by 12/5 so I am going to have to concentrate my energy on that for a little while and let other things slide because I don't seem to be able to do more than one thing at a time. in the middle of all this can I do ok if I took two days off this week?

oh I just don't know. on the one hand a day off sounds nice and refreshing and is supposed to recharge your batteries but sort of like drinking once I've had one day off I just want another. and another. and another. but there is no question of my taking more than today off so that at least would be self-limiting.

santiago says take day off and chase me around house. oh to have a big friendly creature trained to entertain you and feed you and keep you safe. that's really what we all need.

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