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how I spent my summer vacation

I took the day off. I figured it might be my last in a little while as I rush to put together the dissertation so far into a more or less organized whole. I'm afraid. I hope that somewhere in those 90 pages is something that looks like a dissertation. I've never written one before although I've read a couple and mine is not as dry as many but I'm not entirely certain that is a good thing but well it's too late now.

all my laundry is done. I was going to shave my head and shower and I suppose I still could I just wouldn't get to bed by 8 and then be up at 5. I suppose going to bed at 9 and getting up at 6 might be worth the shave and the clean body. once again Sandy is here so I don't know about standing around in my underwear to shave my head so maybe I'll put on some real shorts over my shorts.

then I can try not to drown in the shower as I am a bit sleepy. still I think this might be the best way to spend the next little bit. I did not get to putting up the blinds I bought two months ago or the shelves I bought a couple of weeks ago. maybe one day or maybe I will take them with me in their boxes to the next place I live when I move out of here in, oh, ten years or so.


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Nov. 18th, 2005 04:11 am (UTC)
Yea, putting up the blinds... in ten years. I think I've done stuff like that, in fact, I KNOW I've done stuff like that.

You will have to see my place sometime... I do have roommates. My room also has a loft. It is coming together, and actually, I do move fairly often, it gives me the illusion of "making progress". Making it's good you don't move as often, and you won't have that illusion. I will probably be here at least another six months- although - you never know.

But, yea - I do these things with stuff in boxes too- let them lie there while I consider when to put them in. Hope your shower and shave were "fun" - is that the right word? And, hope that dissertation comes out of the ninety pages, I am sure it will.
Nov. 18th, 2005 03:36 pm (UTC)
the shave is always fun. watching the hair come off in neat rows is oddly gratifying in a way that is probably too freudian to actually want to discuss. but I like it!

your room sounds a lot like my room. if there were no loft I'd be spilling out into the hallway. every few months I notice another space that isn't being utilized to its full potential and I go out and get a shelf or a row of hooks or whatever I decide it needs. I will have to get the biggest uhaul if I ever move. I have a phobia about driving those things.
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