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I just fell asleep for two hours in my chair. I realized it was shot day today when I turned my alarm off and slept till 8am for 10.5 hours of sleep and now add these two and I'm over 12 hours today. yeah I wonder if those recurring days in my 20s when I would sleep basically all night, all day, and all the next night were hormonal or something. they didn't sync up with drugs or booze so it wasn't that. I could easily have slept all day today. I might just go to bed at 6 and get up at 4 to finish the book.

I need to go for a walk and start to wind down. did I ever wind up? I did run to walgreens this morning for alcohol pads so I could shoot up aseptically. hopefully I will be feeling a little T lift by tomorrow morning. if not I will power my way through on coffee and then sleep in the afternoon. for once I don't have any other obligations tomorrow afternoon or evening. I should stay at the art institute for as long as I can and grade papers.

I just realized fixing my calendar that my next shot is due the day before Judith wants to see the dissertation-so-far. aauuugghhh! two weeks! I don't know if I can do lingerie thanksgiving this year. I might need to stay home and write. I'm serious. will see where I am by thursday.

am thinking of taking a mini vacation up in pt reyes after turning the thing in. I don't know if I actually would have time and maybe I should just wait till winter break which would only be two weeks away.

the weather here is still ridiculously warm. I feel like I'm back in the deep south, with its ever-present danger of a 70-degree christmas. ugh. if this keeps up I don't know about the staying-and-working-in-san-francisco-for-a-few-years plan. I might have to head back to seattle immediately upon graduation.

off to greet the world which went madly spinning along while I was snoozing.

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