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you know it doesn't help that it is starting to get dark at 3:30 now. it's difficult to convince myself to keep working when the sun is going down. it's worse up north, I know, but it's bad enough here.

still I think I've worked enough today. I've been up since 5:15.

the question remains as to whether to take tomorrow off. a lot might depend upon how tense I feel tomorrow when I think about my dissertation. the tenser I feel the more likely it is that I should work on it but I do think I need time off. I suppose I could write early in the morning and take the rest of the day once or twice. quasi-day-off.

home is an hour away. no matter how I propose to get there it would almost be quicker to walk the whole way which somehow doesn't make sense. if I walk to van ness and then walk home, how can it be faster than if I walk to van ness and wait for a bus that runs every ten minutes? that just doesn't add up.

but the hour does not make me want to get up particularly. but the longer I wait the later the hour will run. times I wished I had a car.

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