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day off in progress. I am already fighting to stay awake so I think this is a good idea. I don't know what is up lately but wide-awakeness has been an elusive state for some time. I keep thinking I should take a day and just sleep for 36 hours but I don't really want to waste my day off sleeping even though it might help. there are a number of things I could be exhausted from I guess but I really wish I had the energy reserves of a normal person. simply living wears me out. this and social anxiety and extreme introversion make me think that disability laws should be expanded to include all those whose constitutions make them unlikely capitalists.

I'm only half kidding. redistribution of wealth and class warfare are not dirty words to me.

in just a second I will sit and try not to fall asleep. naturally just as I was thinking of getting up to fluff my cushion santiago curls up on my lap. moments ago he was busy destroying my room. he knows exactly what gets my attention for instance when he wants me to shoo him away from something he rattles the glass candle holders on the shelf to my right. all he has to do is rattle them and I look over and he jumps! from the shelf to the cat tree with great joy. wheeee! look at me!

but he's so cute getting mad is useless. at night he keeps sleeping more and more on top of my body and last night he was mostly on my shoulder and we slept cheek to cheek. can you beat that! it's almost sickening it's so sweet.

it's funny because jackson likes to sleep right next to me too but santiago always has to be at least an inch closer, so he wedges himself in whatever space jackson leaves which is less every night. soon they will migrate across my body to the wall side of the bed. falling asleep with two purring cats competing for skin is quite soothing I have to say, especially since they fight it out so peacefully.

why am I thinking about bed now. I just got up.

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