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two hours four pages and I'm about half done with the explanation I wanted to finish today. one should be able to write more than four pages in two hours but I had to stop and reread some things and every now and again someone would page me on IM and the cat would need attention etc.

I feel a slight ebb in energy but not a complete wash in mental capacity but I think I will stop for today and move on to paper grading. that small remnant in momentum might help to get through a few more of them than I did yesterday.

still undecided as to possible venues for the holiday. I should call over to the lingerie house and see what time dinner starts. if it starts at 2 then I definitely have to skip it. later and there would be some possibility of making it but I'm thinking that after all this thinking I might just want to space out on my own. oh I just don't know. why do holidays have to be so complicated. on any other day I'd finish my work, go for a walk, get something to eat, draw, and go to bed.

anyway. onwards. I'm wearing this sweater I got at rei and I really like the way it looks but it is wool and so scratchy that it comes through my midweight thermal top. what are you supposed to wear under this, a layer of polyurethane? although it's only my back that is complaining; not my arms or stomach. maybe I just need to lotion my back. either way the cat is on my lap and I can't do a whole lot about it right now.

well fuck this. I need coffee. that trumps everything.

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