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one down

so I've graded one paper and I don't know if I can grade anymore. sudden onset of burnout-itis is calling me to go for a long walk or a long draw or a long nap even.

how do people work 40 hours a week? or is it that most 40 hour a week jobs don't really take that much mental exertion? I can barely keep myself to a relentless schedule for more than two days or I start to feel like I've been put in jail.

maybe I'll do one more. I want to play or read or something. go to a gay diner in the castro and have dinner alone and then walk home. is it antisocial not to want to go for your thanksgiving invitation? does it matter if it's antisocial? is there something wrong with wanting to spend a holiday alone? I'm just not up for a crowd, you know? that is, I'm not up for a crowd that wants to interact with me. I could go to a crowded restaurant and sit alone and be quite fine. is this pathological?

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