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slept in. my alarm went off at 7 and I turned it off and closed my eyes "just for a little bit" and suddenly it was 10.

well I did a lot of writing the last two days so today I am going to grade as many papers as I can and then I think I will go downtown and brave the shoppers. I like going out the day after thanksgiving even though it seems a masochistic move for someone who prefers their holidays alone and/or out in the desert when he can get there, but like I said yesterday, as long as that crowd does not notice me or try to talk to me I love milling around in it.

I can't really afford to buy any big presents for myself though. I have to get my therapist to get a bill in for the last four months so I can get repaid so I can pay back the emergency loan I took out six weeks ago. I have to pay it back by the middle of december.

and I can't remember if I paid my macys card this month so I don't know if it will work.

oh and I have a meeting with the bankruptcy lawyer. can't forget that. oh hell. I guess that means shopping is out unless I go shopping after my bankruptcy consultation. hehe. GWB would call me an abuser of the law but the fact is I can't afford my credit card payments and "shopping" for me means maybe a $40 shirt and that's about it.

I don't really feel like working at all but I don't think that is an option. this weekend it's going to have to go: get up early, sit, write, prepare for class, grade papers if there is any time left. both days will be like this and then monday I teach and who knows if I'll have the papers all graded by then but if not very soon after and then I'll have a week left to do whatever sort of organizing I want to do to the dissertation thus far before handing in the big mess.

maybe I will grade papers for an hour and a half and then go downtown. the lawyer's office is conveniently located in the shopping district!

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