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a day like any other insofar as it was a day

yeah nothing happened today or that is very ordinary things happened which were neither frightening nor moving nor upsetting nor even boring for all that they weren't anything in particular just a day.

the long bus ride to the art institute is starting to wear on me. not sufficiently for me to consider getting a car--where would I park it? how would I pay for the insurance?--but it is making me wonder if $4 an hour is too much to pay for a car to essentially park it for several hours on the other side of town. I might do it next time rain is in the forecast though.

I've also noticed that the building is going to be very cold in winter. it is entirely made of poured concrete and the open construction means that inside and outside space intermingle to the extent that there are very few enclosed areas that could actually benefit from central heating. fortunately, our classroom is one of these spaces, but the cafe is cold as hell and that is where I spend most of my time there.

so yeah a car with a heater would have been just the ticket this afternoon. the sun was threatening to shine when I left this morning but the clouds rolled right in and by afternoon it was overast and chilly and breezy. the only thing that warmed me up was the uphill bit on the way to the bus stop. even though I was very tired and very hungry, I was thankful for that hill.

another thing I had forgotten was that tight pants do not insulate as well as baggy pants. putting on the baggy pants tomorrow. the summer that I was complaining about appears to be over.

remember when you were little and you thought all the grownups knew all about how to be grownups and that the older people knew all about how to be older people because they'd all been the age they were for as long as you could remember? this occurs to me thinking about how it is december and how time passes quickly and that everyone I know is just as surprised and dismayed about it as I am. it's like the professional old people have been replaced by amateurs and none of us know how to keep our composure.

I wonder if they felt the same way.

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