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yeah. no.

I was going to go early and pick up a package from ups and run some errands but then woke up to pouring rain and the realization that I have to go out tomorrow morning and get my drugs anyway so canceled the car and am staying in. tomorrow I will do all that.

one more day of spew for the diss and then I must look at how to organize it. Judith says "don't organize too much" so I'm not sure what she's expecting but I guess it could be as experimental and disjointed as I wanted. I should hand in the little notebook I keep up by my bed and the one I carry around with me as well, and the scraps of paper I've used when I've forgotten notebook and don't have computer. for that matter, I could also turn in the .txt files that have yet to be integrated.

no what I really should do is scan in images of the notebooks as well as the pages from books where I've scribbled the most notes and post it all in a directory on my website and send the url to my entire committee. I wonder what they would do then.

gosh. that just seems like a very good idea all of a sudden. should I email Judith? or wait for the coffee to wear off?


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