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can't. move.

I remember a hymn which had the line "let angels prostrate fall" and how confused I got after reading the Readers' Digest article "I am Joe's prostate"; I wondered if angels had prostates and why they should fall or if this was a metaphor for something I just did not get.

I did not think to look up "prostrate" to see if it was indeed its own word. I was a smart little kid, but I was still a little kid.

anyway prostrate is me (I know I know. "am I") right now trying to decide whether to organize dissertation or read monday's reading. I must do something and soon but it's taken me this long to get to the what do I do what do I do stage today because I had to go pick up my drugs this morning and that always puts a big hole in the startup routine.

maybe I should read. I'll have to at some point anyway and I've got a shitload of stuff to do no matter how you slice it so probably the line of least resistance is the way to go here so that something gets going. we are reading Judith this week and Kate Bornstein and I guess that any of my students who have not rummaged around on my website already will learn a thing or two about me.

I am really looking forward to it being tuesday. this is how I get through rush periods: think about the day after and about how it will come no matter what. well. gods willing and all that.

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