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five to midnight

I managed to prepare a bit for class while reading on Friday so I think if I spend all day on the dissertation that will be ok. I meant to get up early and start early but I stayed up till 9 (!) and so did not want to set my alarm for before 6:30 because I simply don't function well on less than 9 hours and that gave me half an hour to lure the cats up so that I could relax and fall asleep and then of course it takes me a good two hours to have coffee and cereal and catch up on the internet and then I meditate for which I use a timer on my laptop but the cats decided to fight right on top of the laptop which put it in a coma without my realizing it so I'm sitting there and sitting there wondering why the incense has gone out and still no bell but sometimes the incense burns really quickly so I sat some more and finally I decided something had gone wrong with the timer and just got up and I had been sitting for 45 minutes while the laptop was in never-neverland.

fortunately it is easy to bring it back to life. it does this if it is knocked in and out of sleep too quickly which can happen when there are cats dancing around on the lid.

but so it's 10 which is my usual start time if I get up around 7 or so. one more cup of coffee and I will be ready. I think. yesterday didn't go too badly and I was glad to be able to "integrate" the few spasms that don't really go anywhere but still I fear what I might see. I am getting up to the stuff written in the last couple of months though so I don't expect too many surprises. the urge to revise as I go is strong but am trying to keep that to the minimum required for clarity so that I don't get bogged down.

this would be easier if fucking microsoft word hadn't un-indented all my paragraphs when I reformatted it for printing. I should turn off auto-indent if that's possible. I'd rather indent by hand and make it stick through style changes than rely on a microsoft product to know what I want my text to be doing.

I hope I get all the paragraphs right. well who cares as long as the text is broken up.

tomorrow evening? I will be dancing! I should find an open mic next weekend to celebrate. this is my last lecture, tomorrow, for the semester. last two classes will be their presentations. my god that went quickly. I still don't know how I'm getting to the desert over break but I guess I have to start thinking about that. Sandy will be in Seattle for christmas so it won't be then. I will be alone with the critters for that which sounds appealing, actually. I wonder if the castro will be as closed for christmas as it was for thanksgiving.

zyrc, you think your truck could make it all the way here at the beginning of Jan? :)


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Dec. 4th, 2005 07:43 pm (UTC)
january is far far far better for me than going out there in december. as soon as school gets out (12/18), i will look into what the truck needs. :)

then we can make zee plans! do you know where you want to go?
Dec. 4th, 2005 10:02 pm (UTC)
joshua tree joshua tree joshua tree!

and/or the mojave preserve. the preserve is less populated in the winter. I haven't really done a lot of hiking around in it as it is usually my first stop before going to joshua tree but I could spend some time there for a change.

what do you think?
Dec. 4th, 2005 10:40 pm (UTC)
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