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end pain pt one, begin pain pt two

I seem to be finished with the quick edit. I seem also to have enough paper to print it so I guess no walk to Office Depot unless I run out of black ink. although I will need to refresh my plain paper supply now so there is some excuse. I might need a giant clip but I think papers of this length go in manilla envelopes. I'm not sure if they should also feature a giant clip.

did I mention the other day I went to best buy to look for a couple of cheap gadgets and the way they have the store laid out now is so unbelievably confusing and circuitous that I'm not even certain I looked in the right places for these gadgets, which they did not seem to have (no I never ask the salespeople where things are. do you think I'm a freak??), and the whole place looks like it has been designed specifically for people with nano-second attention spans as you can be looking at dvd accessories and by the simplest shift of your body be suddenly staring at digital cameras and then virgin mobile phones and one step later be in video games?

I could do a bit more class preparation but I'm about wiped. it takes so little. after I turn this thing in tomorrow I will be on pins and needles waiting to hear what Judith has to say about it. I really don't know if it is what it should be. it isn't as linear as some dissertations, but it is more linear in spots than other things I've turned in for a grade. but of course that other thing was the paper for the Stein seminar taught by poet Lyn Hejinian who more or less ordered us not to write the normal way.

so we'll see. christ I want to graduate this year.

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