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nearly there

originally I had thought about reserving a car for a couple of days and driving up to pt reyes with my tent and sleeping bag and sleeping in the woods this week after everything was done. I think though that I have a bunch of stuff I still need to catch up on but on the other hand sandy leaves the day after the semester at the art institute is over so I won't be able to leave town again until she comes back on the 30th.

so maybe I'll go next week. of course then their papers will need grading.


last lecture is over and it was enjoyable and I learned maybe finally the "just enough" lesson where I had just enough prepared to make it accessible and not too over the top with abstruse theory so I hope that helps to make next semester less stressful. the next two weeks will be their presentations and then I will be free! sort of except my other paying job is waiting for some work out of me. perhaps I will catch up with that while sandy's gone. sitting in the livngroom every morning next to the heater learning and writing php. that sounds fun doesn't it? sounds like the ideal vacation to me.

I'm simply resigned to the thing I'll be turning in this afternoon. not much to do about now. I still don't see how it comes out to 121 pages but at the same time I don't see how I will be able to get everything in in less than 300 so I have a lot of writing to do by the middle of april which is when judith says they will need the finished version if I am to graduate in may.

I'm not sure there's enough klonopin in the world to get me through this. it's good stuff though. why didn't we think of it sooner.

tonight I don't know what I will do to celebrate other than come home and scratch santiago's belly and kiss jackson's head and go to bed with them pressed up next to me. that sounds pretty good right about now really. delivering the manuscript will be completely anticlimactic as she said to put it in her box as she won't be in her office this afternoon so it will be a wordless exchange as I pick up my latest amazon shipment which might also contain some good relaxation devices including the latest installation of the complete peanuts. I haven't finished the last one yet. the reading in bed project stalled when I started falling asleep almost immediately.

I think this semester was a success but the votes are not yet in so I shouldn't get too overconfident. of course I still can't pay my bills and am probably going to file for bankruptcy as soon as I can afford the lawyer but eh what's a little legal maneuvering to spice up life. it's not like I'm divorcing someone. although it can feel a little like you are divorcing your credit cards.

off to berkeley. this will be the day without end.


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Dec. 5th, 2005 11:52 pm (UTC)
Samuel P. Taylor Park is great for car camping, and near Point Reyes. I love it there.

Good luck with the thing.
Dec. 10th, 2005 05:41 pm (UTC)
oh cool. thanks for the tip!
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