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I can't believe I ate the whole thing

as commented to daisydumont, a rockstar energy drink followed by an egg and cheese crepe followed by a strawberry and banana crepe followed by a BART ride when preceded by meds that make you more sensitive to motion sickness tend to make for a queasy ride. I'm still having that oddly flushed sickly feeling and it isn't helping that it is cold in here so if I take off my shirt to ease the flush I freeze.

I guess I reached a little too far in the celebration ritual.

I think also I am beginning to figure out why when I spend more time in berkeley my appetite diminishes. two BART trips a day equals rather a lot of nausea. those little wrist thingees work to a degree but they just couldn't stand up to the crepes this evening. I'd try a pill for motion sickness but it seems overkill to take something that makes you drowsy all day to ease the pain of a 30-minute ride. it's also not helpful if I am going to berkeley actually to do any work.

oddly the ride down van ness on the bus does not bother me as much as BART. I supect this is because on a bus you can see your motion reflected by the passing of scenery--I do know I can't sit in the articulated part of the bus with no windows or I get very ill, but sitting in the back, where I usually do, I'm fine. on a subway of course there's nothing to look out at so I think the inner ear and the eye get all out of sync and pukey is what you end up with there.

I wonder why evolution allowed this to happen. perhaps having an inner ear closely attuned to what the eyes take in might be helpful when swinging through trees? who knows. on the other hand, maybe some monkeys get motion sick while doing that and it's just a mistake that hasn't had an effect on reproduction.

see what you are making me do, splunty?

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