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paging auntie climax

I haven't heard from Judith yet if she got the blue folder with my heart and soul in it but I suppose she will pick it up whenever it suits her. the department meeting in which she gets to pitch my case is on friday so I suppose she'll be looking at it before then. life hangs in the balance in the mean time.

the last lecture came and went and we had some interesting discussions about sexuality and gender and feeling like the Other when you go to wyoming. it was nice and I felt quite comfortable talking about all sorts of things with them. I hope they got something out of the class. more than a few have told me they really enjoyed the class so I hope it shows in their evaluations. I had them do those yesterday as I doubt we will have time on the two remaining class days as we have lots of presentations to squeeze in.

now I sit here with a day off with even less guilt than usual and I feel.. eh. maybe I haven't had enough coffee yet. I slept in till 8.

there area a number of things I could do with my freedom today. I wonder what I will choose. therapy first and one never knows how one is going to feel after therapy so it's hard to say what I might want to do afterwards. but I think the list of things calling my name while I was working last week might be a good place to start. and I still have blinds to hang and shelves to put together and really a whole room that needs some shoveling out. perhaps I will clean a bit.

or maybe not.


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Dec. 6th, 2005 07:04 pm (UTC)
No, you never you do know how you're gonna feel after therapy. Today's my day, too. The last few weeks have left me feeling wrung out.

--so but anyways, congratulations on the big diss chunk & the last lecture! I hope everything goes well at the meeting.
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