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i went to fred meyer today.* i go to fred meyer every time i am in seattle and always the same one on 85th just down the street from that club for recovering addicts. the club has a huge god bless america sign and i thought to myself for pete's sake god is not on our side he's on their side. why can no one get this right?

i show up at fred meyer so regularly that i half expect to be greeted familiarly and warmly but of course this is not walmart and there are no greeters faking familiarity and warmth but in any case it seems like someone should take notice and remark if only to themselves hey erik's in town! huzzah!

but alas no one noticed and i slipped in and picked out two disposable cameras and a pemmican bar and a bottle of water and new wiper blades for lisagail's car because another thing my visits are good for is a modicum of car maintenance.

i will admit that for some years fred meyer dictated my fashion sense which probably should embarrass me now that i have moved up to macy's mens. ok. i admit to shopping at urban outfitters to which c says to me you are such a teenager and i also buy shirts at the ultra discount factory-2-u in the mission which makes me a blue collar wife i guess but these at least impart a little grunge factor whereas fred meyer is just dorkiness off the rack. it was always cheap dorkiness though and they did have good warm socks but now i have likewise graduated to rei hiking socks. no men's dress socks for me at least not yet as long as i can help it.

and i hope never to buy a little pair of loafers with tassels.

for some reason i prefer the men's room at the greenwood fred meyer to the one in the university bookstore and there is no good reason for this as public restrooms are always dicey no matter where they are and in fact the u-district strikes me as inherently cleaner than greenwood but what does cleanliness matter in a men's room. if i'd wanted clean public restrooms i would have remained a woman.

in any case there was a stall and it had a door so i filed the location in the has ok restrooms category in that part of my brain that chooses when and where to drink kidney stimulating beverages. back when i used the women's room greenwood was a big don't. of the polyester wearing older ladies in seattle fully 80% of them live in greenwood and one must run a gauntlet of them to get to the front of the line in the women's room.

maybe i should take my friend ute there. ute is adamantly gender neutral in philosophy and appearance and i'm sure would scare the pee out of anyone in a ladies' room in greenwood. i will put this on the list after visit archie mcphee's.

*fred meyer is the seattle area equivalent of a target with the added luxury of a home appliance and hardware/automotive section.

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