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I slept in till almost 10 today! what a decadent life.

I will sit in a minute and then. I don't know. I have things I should do but what I want to do is turn on the livingroom heat and sit and Read For Pleasure. I bought a history of 20th century art for $25 at the new Cody's and I'd like to spend some time with it. there are at least five other books I'd like to read today too, including God is a Verb and Zen Buddhism: the Selected Writings of DT Suzuki.

I did not get my students' response papers done, and at this point I don't know what good it would do them to get them back. their final paper is due saturday night and then it is just projects for the remainder of the semester. I did it this way so that they would all have a good idea of what their grade was going to be by the last class, but of course I must do their response papers at some point in order to determine that grade, and, well, starting saturday night there will be other papers to grade.

if you were a student, would you care if your response papers ever came back to you? I gave a big batch back about halfway through but since then they've been throwing them into a black hole. I just can't seem to keep up with them the way I have my schedule arranged.


well if I did those this morning I could read this afternoon. except that it will be afternoon by the time I'm done sitting. I could declare today a loss and get up early tomorrow I suppose. maybe that's what I'll do. I think the gods will let me get away with that.

the berkeley faculty meeting is tomorrow. I have not heard from judith yet so do not know what she thinks of the 121 pages I left in her box monday.


I think I could use a day off, don't you?


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Dec. 9th, 2005 02:30 am (UTC)
you need a vacation.

and you know i'd be chomping at the bit to get my paper back. but you have the luxury of being all fiddledeedee about it.

power. ;-)
Dec. 9th, 2005 03:18 am (UTC)
Judith might need a day off too, which is why you haven't heard back - LOL!

Anyway, you are like me. I *always* need a day off! : 0

I know I've said it before... But, yea- take a day off, and read for fun! Heck-

I will be so happy to get there too. I already have a job that looks promising sitting in my inbox though- I mean, a day job. That is good news, and I guess I will apply... damn!

I won't make myself start till January though- or, god, if I could get away with Feb. that would be great! Ya never know...

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