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it is winter and I have migrated north into the living room with the big gas heater that does not worry me as much as my space heater which makes the electrical circuit it is connected to a little too warm for peace of mind.

you won't hear me complaining about the weather. I happen to like it when it is cold enough outside to turn on the heat and put on extra clothes and gather together in here with cats and computer. sandy is not home right now. for some reason we never sync up in livingroom use such that I am in here when she is gone and she is in here when I'm.. in bed. I guess bedtime is the operative variable.

no word from judith today. tomorrow she makes her pitch. I guess if I don't hear from her soon I will at least hear from the department as to what they want to do with/to me since I did not finish by now. ugh. I just want to hear that it's ok and I can keep working as I have been and invite people to graduation in May and stuff. I don't know whether it is a good sign that judith has not told me anything yet but I suppose there is a relatively non-remote chance that she is just getting to read it this evening or she doesn't want to relay anything to me until the department has ruled whatever they are going to rule.

in the meantime I continue to behave as if school were out for christmas. tomorrow I've got a bunch of crap to do though including going to berkeley to file insurance claims. I don't know if I will stop in to the department itself--I don't know what time the meeting is and if I run into judith I don't know if I get to say "so...?"

here's a question. where can I buy lead ingots? or tin? or zinc? I swear I've seen them somewhere but apparently not at any art supply stores. tomorrow I will try hardwares. I want a low-melting-point metal to make art with. I will be careful not to ingest very much. one day I'd like to learn high-temperature metalworking but for now the sissy stuff will have to do.

I don't understand why I was born with an interest in everything but with energy for nothing. maybe the outlandish sleep requirements will be made up for by a long lifespan. life is fair, isn't it?

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